Домой Лиги конференций Стартовые составы на финал Лиги Конференций «Фиорентина» — «Вест Хэм», окончательная версия...

Стартовые составы на финал Лиги Конференций «Фиорентина» — «Вест Хэм», окончательная версия от GdS



  1. Intervista di Roberto Mancini:
    1) Squadra Azzurra🇮🇹. » Getting to the final 4 in Liga Europe is a great achivement. It was difficultto win the group in Germany🇩🇪, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Hungary.🇭🇺 We had to announce the list of called-up football players earlier, because this is the regulation UEFA. We dont know who will bein what form in mid June. »
    2) Final LC.🏆 Inter has change to Win Cup? «These is not favorite in this pair for 90 minutes. Man City is a formidable team, that knows how to score. But Inter knows how to defend.»
    3) League Conference — matches are indecipherable. It is difficult to give preference to someone. I wish success to Fiorentina . I hope Fio will win the trophy. »
    4) Tree italian teams in the finals. Does this mean salvation, progress for serie A?🏟️
    -» Italian football has grown. But we are far from the serie A that was 20 years ago. When the best players in the world played . Three final is a positive as well as for italians who play for these finals»
    Bravo Amico Kaz 13 distretto! Come stai?
    In bocca al lupo, prosperita’, pace per te e per tuo corraggioso 🇰🇿Paese.💪
    Cin cin !


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