Домой Не футбольный Милан С Днем Рождения, Джанни Ривера!

С Днем Рождения, Джанни Ривера!


Сегодня легенде «Милана» исполняется 80 лет!


  1. Intervista di Leggenda di Calcio — Roberto Baggio per Gazzetta dello sport.
    1)What do you rhink about Scudetto Napoli?,🥇🇮🇹
    Robi: I was very pleased. This was the team that showed itself the best during the year. They played really good football and stood out as very strong players. Such as Kvaratshelia and Osimkhen. But I also really liked- Kim. They differed from others in quality and it is good for all fans of football that they won the Scudetto. I must congratulate 💙President De Laurentis,coach Spaletti ( new coach of National Italy,🇮🇹) , everyone…🏟️⚽
    2) Have you followed the summer transfers ?
    Robi: I didnt pay much attention But Iremember two tranfers. The first is thetransition Tonali to Newcastle. I didnt expect that. Milan 🔴⚫ loses a lot without him. The second- the tranfer of Frattesi to Inter. I like him as player. It’s good tranfer for Inter.🟦⬛
    3) Who is the main favorite for the Scudetto now?
    R: it is hard to understand now. Evertone changed something. Two clubs from Milan in particular have changed a lot and tried to strengthen themselves.But they need time to find the right balance. Napoli, 💙 will want to confirm their title and become champions again. Bluventus ( piemontose e corsicano dialletto — blue wind ) , ⚪⚫will try to have anadvantage with the help of their absence in the European Cups. Therefore, he puts everythin on Serie A. ( Spero di no , ma penso che after full staggione — juve-1place). It will be important to see how theystart!!!
    P.s I traduced ✍️in english especially for R. Baggio’s persofan on this site » Il Codino» and for all adequate , inteligence persons , fans of Serie A🇮🇹
    Forza Napoli per sempre 💙🗽


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